Irrfan Khan Very Unwell😷, Unlikely to Return to Work for a Very Long Time💉

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With the film industry fearing the worst about Irrfan Khan’s health, and close friends of the actor confirming the worst, it appears as though Irrfan would be away from the arc lights for quite a while now. “It’s unlikely that he will return to active shooting for quite a while now…Can’t put a number on his absence of leave. But the treatment is going to be a long process,” says a source in the know.

Worst hit on the professional level is Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaptation of crime reporter-author Hussain Zaidi gangster story Sapna Didi featuring Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan. While Deepika and Irrfan both reported sick, Irrfan’s illness is far more serious than originally assumed.

Prernaa Arora who’s the co-producer on the project, says the delay is not of importance as long as the actor gets well. Sounding really upset Prernaa says, “We were about to begin shooting from next week. Vishal Sir had just come back from his final recce. We were all so excited and happy. Now this has happened. Irrfan Khan Sir and Deepika M’aam are our first and only choice .The way things are going in this world makes you wonder where we’re heading. Life is so unpredictable. Every moment warns us not take life for granted, to look after ourselves and our loved ones.”

The worried producer says she has been on tenterhooks about Irrfan’s health. “When Vishal Sir (Bhardwaj) and learnt about Irrfan Sir’s illness I felt very uneasy and depressed. I just wish Irrfan Sir to get well soon. He is a fighter, a self-made success-story and an inspiration to so many of us. I know he will be well soon. He is a fighter and to he was always been a source of inspiration.”

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