Kyrie🗣 on Sweeping ☘Celts in '15: 'I Was😌 a Bad Mother******' -📹

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Kyrie Irving spent Wednesday morning watching highlights of a Celtics team getting swept in the first round of the 2015 playoffs. The series doesn’t contain too many happy memories for Boston, but, of course, Irving was on the other side of that broom.

Back then, the Cleveland Cavaliers needed just four games to knock Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics out of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Irving was a budding star for the Cavs that year, playing in his first postseason after LeBron James returned to Ohio.

“It’s crazy. I was actually watching the series highlights this morning,” Irving told reporters Wednesday. “I love that stage.”

During the series, Irving averaged 23.3 points per game against Boston, shooting 48 percent from deep for a series-high 12 three-pointers over four games.

“It takes a lot of preparation and demanding of yourself that is a whole other level up from the regular season,” Irving said. “I think that going and trying to have veterans give me advice was the best thing for me.”

So what does the five-time All-Star think of his 2015 performance now?

“I was a bad mother**,” Irving said.

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