Priyanka 💋 Calls Ranveer 🕺🏻 in the Middle of the Night on Women's Day 📹:

  |   Priyanka Chopra / Bollywood

On International Women's Day, PC 💋 went live on her Insta handle. Much to her everyone's surprise, she even called her friend Ranveer Singh 🕺🏻, asking him to join her. They discussed a variety of topics, including Ranveer's fashion sense 🤣. The highlight of the conversation however was when Ranveer said, "Jesus Christ PC, I am on shoot right now. I have to act and all yaar. But we really miss you a lot ya. Come back to India and do some more Hindi movies. For god sake PC." To which Priyanka replied, "It's almost happening Ranno, it's almost happening."

An excited Ranveer asked his friend, "I want all the gup( gossip)" and PC signed off saying, "I'll give you all the gup when we are not talking to the whole world."


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