SRK Has Two Personal Favorites 👌🏻 When It Comes to His Performances 🕺🏻

  |   Shahrukh Khan

In spite of always being at his creative best, SRK repeats that his best performance 👍🏻 is yet to come. But there are two movies that he personally adores and thinks of as his most beautiful performances till date 👏🏻. Talking about the different roles in his career, he said, “Yeah, Fan we knew clearly. It doesn’t have a song, doesn’t have a heroine. Whatever you accept from it. But neither did ‘Chak De!’ but you still do it. It wasn’t a great film when we started it. Nobody wanted to do it. All the actresses left it and when the trailer came out, everybody said what a crap film ‘Chak De!’ is going to be. It was the smallest opening film of my career and we thought it was a flop on Friday, but people liked it. So in retrospect people tell me now, “Arre ‘Chak De!’ jaise karo. Similar was the case with Swades. It was another flop but I think it was the most beautiful film I have ever done. So you can’t go by what people tell you to do, you got to feel it, just go for it and hope it works.”

Chak De! 🏑 and Swades 👨🏻‍🔬 are undoubtedly two films which proved SRK's calibre as an actor and we can't agree more with his thoughts.

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