Zanu-PF ⛏Grabs Gold Mine in 👔Mnangagwa's Kwekwe 👀Backyard

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Image Credits: AllAfrica

ZANU-PF politicians in the Midlands have seized a foreign-owned gold mine and allowed party youths to mass onto the property in what is seen as a vote-buying gimmick ahead of elections due this year.

Gaika gold mine is owned by Jersey-based and privately-owned Duration Gold which acquired a several mines in the country back in 2006 and kept them under care and maintenance due to inclement economic conditions at the time.

Seizure of the company's Kwekwe property was reportedly facilitated Mbizo legislator Vongainaishe Mupereri and is understood to have the backing of senior Zanu PF officials from the province.

Youths aligned to the ruling party recently marched through central after being bussed into the city for the mine takeover.

Mupereri he has since insisted that the mine grab is a youth empowerment initiative, accusing Duration Gold of having "abandoned" the property two decades ago without any valid reason.

In a letter seen by this publication, the MP said he had taken the matter up after the Kwekwe community approached him.

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