Android P will remember volume 🔉 levels for each individual Bluetooth device you use 😱

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Android P adds a lot of neat little tricks and changes to the OS. Now, it's been confirmed that a new feature for Bluetooth audio devices is being delivered in Android P as well...

First spotted by XDA-Developers a few weeks back, Google was working on a commit in AOSP which hinted at a new feature to allow Android to "remember" volume levels for Bluetooth devices.

In your car, you might have Bluetooth audio set fairly high, but when you swap to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, it's likely you'd need to lower that level.

Currently, Android maintains the same levels across devices, meaning you'll probably blow out your eardrums in this scenario if you don't remember to adjust the volume first.

This feature isn't live in Android P's first developer preview, but since it has now been merged into AOSP, it's likely Google plans on bringing it to a future developer preview or the final build.

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