Caesar: 🔈'Mourinho👔 Told Me I Saved More With 1 Arm Than Casillas with 2’😶

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Former goalkeeper Julio Cesar has revealed Jose Mourinho told him that he saved more with one arm than Iker Casillas could with two.

Mourinho had a notoriously acrimonious relationship with Casillas, notably relegating him to the bench at the Bernabeu, and Julio Cesar has lifted the lid on an incident following the 2013 Confederations Cup.

After the competition, he paid tribute to Casillas by wearing his shirt as he picked up the trophy for being the tournament’s best goalkeeper only to find a message waiting for him on his phone from Mourinho, who was still in charge in Madrid at that point.

“When I got to the dressing room, I saw a message from Jose on my phone,” the Flamengo keeper revealed. “The message was: ‘You’re crazy. He’s the one who should wear your shirt and not the other way around.’
“He told me I stopped more with one arm than Casillas could with two.”

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