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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 706

See, hear, speak and implant the True Lord within your mind. He is all-pervading, permeating everywhere; O Nanak, be absorbed in the Lord's Love. ||2|| Pauree: Sing the Praise of the One, the Immaculate Lord; He is contained within all. The Cause of causes, the Almighty Lord God; whatever He wills, comes to pass. In an instant, He establishes and disestablishes; without Him, there is no other. He pervades the continents, solar systems, nether worlds, islands and all worlds. He alone understands, whom the Lord Himself instructs; he alone is a pure and unstained being. ||1|| Shalok: Creating the soul, the Lord places this creation in the womb of the mother. With each and every breath, it meditates in remembrance on the Lord, O Nanak; it is not consumed by the great fire. ||1|| With its head down, and feet up, it dwells in that slimy place. O Nanak, how could we forget the Master? Through His Name, we are saved. ||2|| Pauree: From egg and sperm, you were conceived, and placed in the fire of the womb. Head downwards, you abided restlessly in that dark, dismal, terrible hell. Remembering the Lord in meditation, you were not burnt; enshrine Him in your heart, mind and body. In that treacherous place, He protected and preserved you; do not forget Him, even for an instant. Forgetting God, you shall never find peace; you shall forfeit your life, and depart. ||2|| Shalok: He grants our hearts' desires, and fulfills all our hopes. He destroys pain and suffering; remember God in meditation, O Nanak - He is not far away. ||1|| Love Him, with whom you enjoy all pleasures. Do not forget that Lord, even for an instant; O Nanak, He fashioned this beautiful body. ||2|| Pauree: He gave you your soul, breath of life, body and wealth; He gave you pleasures to enjoy. He gave you households, mansions, chariots and horses; He ordained your good destiny. He gave you your children, spouse, friends and servants; God is the all-powerful Great Giver. Meditating in remembrance on the Lord, the body and mind are rejuvenated, and sorrow departs. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, chant the Praises of the Lord, and all your sickness shall vanish. ||3|| Shalok: For his family, he works very hard; for the sake of Maya, he makes countless efforts. But without loving devotional worship of the Lord, O Nanak, he forgets God, and then, he is a mere ghost. ||1|| That love shall break, which is established with any other than the Lord. O Nanak, that way of life is true, which inspires love of the Lord. ||2|| Pauree: Forgetting Him, one's body turns to dust, and everyone calls him a ghost. And those, with whom he was so much in love - they do not let him stay in their home, even for an instant. Practicing exploitation, he gathers wealth, but what use will it be in the end? As one plants, so does he harvest; the body is the field of actions. The ungrateful wretches forget the Lord, and wander in reincarnation. ||4|| Shalok: The benefits of millions of charitable donations and cleansing baths, and countless ceremonies of purification and piety, O Nanak, are obtained by chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har with one's tongue; all sins are washed away. ||1|| I gathered together a great stack of firewood, and applied a tiny flame to light it.