Explanation of 18:50

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English Translation of Al-Quran [18].Surah Al-Kahf [The Cave] Ayat 50. And (remember) when We said to the angels; "Prostrate to Adam." So they prostrated except Iblis (Satan). He was one of the jinns; he disobeyed the Command of his Lord. Will you then take him ( Iblis ) and his offspring as protectors and helpers rather than Me while they are enemies to you? What an evil is the exchange for the Zalimun (polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc). [Tafseer] (And (remember) when We said unto the angels) who were on the earth: (Fall prostrate before Adam) a prostration of greeting, (and they fell prostrate, all save Iblis) their leader. (He was of the jinn) of the tribe of the jinn, (so he rebelled against his Lord’s command) he disobeyed his Lord and refused to prostrate to Adam. (Will ye choose him) will you worship him (and his seed for your protecting friends) as lords (instead of Me) instead of Allah, (when they are an enemy unto you) whose enmity is quite manifest? (Calamitous is the exchange) in worship; it is also said that this means: evil is that which they exchanged: they exchanged the worship of Allah with the worship of Satan; and it is also said: they exchanged the protecting friendship of Allah with the protecting friendship of Satan (for evil-doers) for idolaters!