Gmail for iOS now receives 2-Step Verification Prompts 👍, new default over Google app 📱

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Last year, Google replaced SMS as the default 2-Step Verification method for users with device-based Prompts. Built into Android at a system-level, iOS users were instructed to install the Google app for two-factor authentication when logging in. To increase adoption, Google is now making 2SV available from the iOS Gmail app.
Since sending security codes through text messages is vulnerable to spoofing, Google turned to 2-Step Verification via what it calls the “Google Prompt.” Upon signing in to a Google app or service, your phone will receive a notification asking you to confirm you are logging in or reject.

In addition to being more secure, it provides more information with the Prompt noting what browser and operating system is being used to sign-in, the location, IP address, and the exact time.

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