Govt👌 Rewards 🙋Non-Striking Nurses🏥

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President Mnangagwa has directed the Ministry of Health and Child Care to pay nurses who did not participate in the recent strike action benefits already agreed by Government under a $17 million pay review package released this week. He also ordered that nurses who heeded Government’s call to return to work be awarded the same benefits.

On nurses who realised the full implications of their industrial action and want to rejoin the service, the President directed the ministry “to follow procedures to re-engage them as appropriate and their terms be considered on a case-by-case basis”.
The President advised the public workforce in general that Government was fully aware of their plight and the need for better conditions of service.

He however, said they must be wary of political incitement and getting entangled in the party agendas of those seeking to derail Government efforts to revive the economy.

President Mnangagwa conveyed his position yesterday through Presidential spokesman and Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Mr George Charamba.

“Government has been watching closely the situation in all our (public) hospitals and it has become clear to us that the situation can be summarised as follows: there are nurses who never left their posts. The President applauds their actions and has directed that these be rewarded benefits already agreed to by Government and towards which $17,1 million was released.

“We have nurses who heeded Government’s call to return to work after an agreement had been reached. These too have received the President’s praise for their reasonable conduct and as with the first group, the President has directed that they too be made to access the agreed benefits,” said Cde Charamba.

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