Pressing babies’ heads to obtain 'better' shapes damages brain - Neuroscientists

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Neuroscientists at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) are calling on women to stop pressing the heads of newborn babies in order to change the shape of the heads of such babies. According to the scientists, such practices affect the functioning of the brains of the children and might affect their thinking capabilities when they grow up. The neuroscientists were speaking at the brain awareness week at the University of Cape Coast.

In Ghana and elsewhere, many nursing mothers after the birth of the children, reject the shapes of the heads of their babies and decide to alter such heads to suit them. But the practice, according to Neuroscientists at the University of Cape Coast is wrong and poses a danger to the brain of the infants. They posit that the continuous pressing of the fragile heads of newborn babies to change the shape of their heads has grave consequences for the brains of the children.

At the ongoing Brain Awareness Week in Cape Coast, Dr Francis Djangmah with the school of physiology called for an end to such practice. He says the practice places enormous limitations on the brain of the children.

“Their skull is very soft. If you press so hard on it, you will see a depression on the skull. So the old ladies who are made to bath the children should not press the head so as to change its shape. It has a deleterious effect on the brain of the child. If you press the head, you are going to press directly on the brain and damage the brain cells”

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