Revolutionary 'Artificial Pancreas' Is Proving to Be Incredible For Type 1 Diabetics

A new study on the efficiency of the so-called 'artificial pancreas' suggests it's a huge leap in the right direction for people with diabetes who are in constant need of monitoring their blood glucose. The technology works through a sort of closed-loop system that monitors a person's blood's glucose while delivering doses of the right hormones - and for many, this device is a dream come true.

In a systematic review of the evidence to date, a team led by researchers from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has evaluated 41 studies on the safety and efficacy of two types of artificial pancreas used by more than 1,000 volunteers. The team found that volunteers trialling this class of device spent roughly 10 percent more time within a healthy range of blood glucose levels over any given 24 hour period.

That's encouraging news, showing medicine is heading in the right direction, but more questions will need to be answered about balancing the risks, costs, and benefits of this amazing device. Diabetes describes a class of conditions that make it difficult for the body to manage its sugar levels, either due to problems producing the insulin needed for cells to absorb glucose, such as type-1 diabetes, or resistance to insulin, like type-2.

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