‘Sanctions🙅‍♂️ Must Go’, Says🔊 Madhuku

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Image Credits: The Zimbabwe Mail

The National Constitutional Assembly party (NCA) said the West should wholesomely remove all sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe so that the country realises economic growth and at the same time blasted the Emmerson Mnangagwa led “coup” government for failing to end the cash crisis.

In their 2018 Independence message, NCA spokesperson, Madock Chivasa, said sanctions under the new dispensation were no longer necessary.

“We are worried as NCA party about the existence of racist sanctions on Zimbabwe and we would like to take this opportunity, on the occasion of our 38th Independence, to call upon the West and its allies to lift all forms of sanctions against Zimbabwe,” he said.

Chivasa said continued existence of sanctions would give the Mnangagwa administration an excuse of their failure to turn around the economy.

He said the people of Zimbabwe should reject Mnangagwa on the ballot this year because he had not only failed to ease the cash crisis but to turn around the entire economy.

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