Scientists Create Super-Strong Carbon Fiber Artificial Muscles

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Researchers from the University of Illinois published a study in the journal Smart Materials and Structures revealing how to make high strength artificial muscles. These muscles are able to withstand 60 MPa of mechanical stress, capable of tensile strokes that are 25 percent stronger, and produced specific work of up to 758 joules per kilogram.

This specific work total is 18 times more than what natural muscles can produce. Scientists in the study are already touting the benefits that this research could produce. Caterina Lamuta, a researcher on the study says that the low cost and lightweight material could improve the fields of robotics, prosthetics, orthotics, and human assistive devices.

For the study, the researchers designed the artificial muscles from carbon fibre-reinforced siloxane rubber. The muscles were designed to have a coiled geometry. To work, the muscles don't need a large amount of electricity. A .04mm muscle is able to lift half a gallon of water a little more than an inch with minimal electricity used.

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