Avengers: Infinity War💎 – Where Indians🇮🇳 Rank When It Comes to Googling⌨ About the Superhero Film!

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Avengers: Infinity War will be opening in theatres on April 27. The entire world is going crazy for details as the release date is inching closer. Hundreds of fan theories are doing the rounds on the internet. And with all characters facing a death threat, it is not easy to stay calm and patient. But seems like Indians are one of the most impatient ones when it comes to Avengers: Infinity War. Turns out, in the past 24 hours, Indians have ranked third when it came to Googling about the superhero film.

The countries right before India, are Singapore and Philippines. Well, we can understand Singapore since the first big press conference for the film was held there a few days ago. In fact, first reviews of Avengers: Infinity War will start coming in from Singapore.

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