Bernard Giudicelli🗣: Fed Cup🏆 To Undergo Reform🔁 In 2019

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The Fed Cup is likely to face radical reforms for 2019, echoing controversial plans to expand the Davis Cup, it was revealed on Sunday.

"There will be reform of the Fed Cup next year," said on the sidelines of the semi-final between France and the United States.

"The reform is on the way and the project will probably be rubber-stamped at Roland Garros (May 27-June 10) and submitted to the International Tennis Federation General Assembly (in August)," added Giudicelli, who is also a member of the ITF board which runs both the Davis and Fed Cup tournament Bernard Giudicelli, the president of the French Tennis Federations.

Without elaborating on the plans, the FFT chief explained that "the purpose of the reform is to favour more teams in the World Group".

At the moment, only eight countries play in the elite World Group.

Giudicelli, however, refused to confirm that the idea is to have 16 in the future and bring the women’s event in line with the current format of the Davis Cup men’s tournament.

"There will be more teams," was all Giudicelli would add.

Plans to reform the 118-year-old Davis Cup, which would see the tournament played in one week in November on neutral ground instead of consuming four separate weekends, have split the sport.

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