City 🛣Roads in Pathetic Condition❕, Most Are Impassible, ⚠Dangerous

  |   Kenya News

Last week's protests in Mwiki over the deplorable condition of a road is probably a tip of what Governor Mike Sonko should expect in the coming days. A tour of various parts of the city shows roads are in pathetic conditions. They are littered and have large, deep potholes. Others have been rendered impassable with the ongoing rains that have flooded them. Some roads have been blocked by garbage dumped on them and sewage is flowing freely on others, thanks to poor drainage.

The county, however, says it has patched most of the roads under its management and appeared to shift blame to the Kenya Urban Roads Authority, which it says is in charge of most roads.

"Look at this, do you think we are still in Nairobi? Can you believe we elected leaders and we have a governor sitting in office?” resident Raymond Mwangi asked. The situation is not any better on Uhuru Kenyatta and Komarok Roads, also in Dandora. Both sides of the corridors have been turned into dump-sites and potholes are all over.

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