Death of 3 children: FDA, EPA partner to trace distribution channel of Topstoxin

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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has said the three children who died after their parents sprayed a fumigant tablet lost their lives through the inhalation of a pesticide, Topstoxin The fumigation tablet, Topstoxin, the FDA said is a pesticide used for the control of insects in stored grain, process food and feeds. The children, nine-month-old twin girls and their two-year-old brother, died at the 37 Military Hospital last Friday night.

The statement said the FDA immediately dispatched officers as part of its safety monitoring activities to the 37 Military Hospital, where the kids died on Friday, to ascertain the cause of their death. “Aluminium phosphide is used as a fumigant to protect stored grains from insects and rodents, which makes the product an agrochemical and not a household chemical,” the statement said.

“In the presence of moisture, aluminium phosphide releases phosphine which is highly toxic", it added. The statement said although the product is an agro chemical, which does not fall under the regulations of the FDA, it is liaising with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Agriculture Ministry to investigate the source and distribution channels for the product.

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