I Will ❌Not ↩Return to 'Noisy' 🗳IEBC, 🌱Farming Is More ☮Peaceful🔊: Chiloba

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Suspended IEBC chief executive Ezra Chiloba has embarked on agribusiness at his rural home in Trans Nzoia. He does not plan to return to the troubled electoral agency. Journalists who visited Mutua Village in Kwanza constituency on Friday found Chiloba busy tilling his land. “Don’t think Chiloba is idle. I’m busy in the village. I have much peace here. I am so tired of the noises out there. My target is to transform this piece of land into something more productive,” he said.

The CEO often seen in dark suits during press conferences in Nairobi said he bought the farm seven years ago and is putting up a storey house. He said the property had been idle because he was busy with last year's controversial elections over which the Opposition had demanded his resignation. “I bought this land in 2011 but I have not put it to proper use because I was busy with the planning of the 2017 elections. This is the right time to make it useful,” he said.

On the farm, Chiloba has planted 600 stems of passion fruits, 500 tissues of culture banana, 100 avocado trees and 3,400 coffee trees. Chiloba, who spent most of his time in Nairobi after completing university education, said the farm will be for agribusiness activities.

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