Israel 🇮🇱 scraps plan to forcibly 👀 deport African migrants

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In a written response to the country's Supreme Court, the government said forced removal of the migrants "is no longer on the agenda".

On Monday, 18 Democratic members of the US House of Representatives reportedly wrote to Mr Netanyahu saying they were "dismayed" and "disappointed" that he had dropped the UN proposal, saying it left the migrants "in limbo, with no clear next step".

Most of the African migrants in Israel are from Eritrea - a one-party state whose leaders have been accused of crimes against humanity by a UN inquiry - and war-torn Sudan.

They say they fled danger at home and that it is not safe to return to another African country, but Israel considers the majority of African asylum seekers to be economic migrants.

Activists, however, noted that only a handful of Eritreans and Sudanese had been recognised as refugees by Israel since the country took over the processing of applications from the UN in 2009.

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