Nasa scientists baffled by unexplained strange shapes found in the Arctic

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Nasa scientists have been baffled by strange circle shapes appearing in the Arctic. A picture, taken by a Nasa plane as it flew over the Arctic, shows ovals that have been found in the ice. Researchers say they have never seen anything of that kind before and that it is difficult to understand how it could be explained.

Scientists were not looking for the features, and the main purpose of the mission had been to look at another part of the sea ice. But they captured the strange area as they were flying over – and the unexplained features led to a great deal of confusion and speculation about how they had come about.

Researchers from around the world have now been asked to try and work out how the strange shapes might have been formed. Some speculated, for instance, that they could have been formed by mammals like seals, which need to break through the ice to be able to breathe. Another suggestion is that the holes are being created by warm springs that are leaping out of the water from under the ice.

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