PC Has No 🙅🏻‍♀ Time for Jet-Lag ✈; Here's Why

  |   Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka 💋 has been a true globe-trotter ✈ for a while now. Whether it is flying to Mumbai from Ireland for just 16 hours or so 😳, or if it is going to a neighbouring country for 'dinner' and heading back, she has it all sorted. She is currently in NYC with her pet 🐶 Diana. Adding a story to her Insta handle PC wrote, "That’s what jet-lag looks like.”

PC also shared a photo of the MET Gala invitation which she will be attending with other eminent personalities.

📷: http://v.duta.us/EDQmfgAA

About her hectic schedule PC had once said, "Well, now it's been about 12 to 14 years since I've kept a schedule that [involves] traveling around the world. Not just India! I'll go overnight in Germany or for dinner in Australia and come back. My trips are pretty ostentatious. I've found ways of doing this so I don't get jet lag at all anymore. You have to make sure that when you get on a really long flight that you keep according to the time of the country that you're going to land in. So when it's night in the country that you're going to land into, you should sleep. [To help you fall asleep], have a glass of wine, and go to bed.”

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