Stephen A. Smith🔊 Blames 👑LeBron for Kyrie Trade☘

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LeBron is at fault for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ struggles against the Indiana Pacers in their Eastern Conference playoff first-round series.

That’s according to ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith.

You’re tied 2-2 in the series against the Indiana Pacers in the first round,” he said on ESPN’s The First Take.

“You’ve been doing everything you can, the players that you have as side kicks haven’t been doing what they’re supposed to do.

“If Kyrie Irving were here, are we having this discussion?

“Why is Kyrie gone? Am I making that up? You’re the primary reason that your situation is what it is.

“But we’re supposed to sit here and do nothing but shower him with praise and credit because of how he looks?

“He looked that way last year. He looked that way a couple of years ago when they won the Championship.

“When they lost the Championship in the first round, the first time to Golden State, people were saying he should have been the MVP in a losing effort.

“This is nothing new. We know the greatness of LeBron James. But the difficulty, the road to prosperity, this particular season is arguably more difficult than ever before and it’s his fault. It’s his fault.

“He’s the best player in the world, I concede that, that’s easy. He’s that great. He looks phenomenal in these playoffs.

“But we’re giving him credit because he’s basically had to be a one-man show in this series. Well why the hell are you a one-man show?

“Because you had an opportunity to be a two-man show and you didn’t do what you could to protect that relationship.”

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