🛑Stop Accusing 👔Governors of 'Eating 💵Money🔊: Orengo

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The behaviour of accusing Governors of squandering county resources must stop, Siaya Senator James Orengo has said. At the 5th Annual Devolution Conference on Tuesday, Orengo said "some cynics make noise even before the funds reach counties". "Many a time people say there is corruption. People think negatively before the money lands," he said at Kakamega High School. "..and you will hear them say ...ooh the governor has eaten that money."

In March, a report by the EACC ranked Murang'a county as the most corrupt but Governor Mwangi wa Iria dismissed the claims. The report indicated that most county level corruption cases are reported in the sectors of public works, education, childcare and medical services.

Orengo further said the national government should ensure funds reach counties in good time. "[This] should be a priority," he said. "The national government must ensure it allocates resources in time so counties feel the impact of development." The law demands that county shares of revenue be transferred without undue delays and deductions.

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