Amit Shah on Opposition: Snakes, dogs flee PM Modi flood

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STEPPING UP his attack on Opposition parties, BJP president Amit Shah on Friday compared them to snakes and mongoose, cats and dogs, all traditional rivals now forced to come together on a tree to escape the “flood” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Later, Shah sought to explain his remarks by saying that he had referred to parties such as SP-BSP and Congress-TMC, which are ideologically on opposite sides but forced to come together to counter “Modiji’s influence”. The remarks drew a furious reaction from the Congress with senior leader Anand Sharma describing it as “shameful” and “condemnable” and reflective of the BJP’s “mindset”.

Explaining the Opposition parties joining forces Shah said, “When there is a big flood, all the shrubs and trees drown in the water. Only the Banyan tree survives. So the snake climbs on that tree, the mongoose also climbs, the cat also climbs, the dog also climbs, the lion also climbs. Because there is the fear of water below, all of them gather on that one tree. Fearing the Modi flood that has come, snake, mongoose, bitch, dog, cat, all of them have come together to fight the elections."

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