🔵Bumrah⚡: 'Its Always Good to Play Against 'Teammates' 👍

Mumbai Indians' strike bowler Jasprit Bumrah & bowling coach Shane Bond met with the press on the eve of the IPL opening game.

Here are a few excerpts:

Bumrah played down the intensity of the big opening game of Mumbai Indians against Chennai Super Kings.

Bumrah said, "We are very happy that we are playing after a long time, we've come back again. I was on a break I've played against CSK before because I came into IPL in 2013, so I don't think its a special challenge against a particular opponent, it's always good to play against teammates you've played against before."

When asked about the responsibility this time around as the leading bowler of team, Bumrah said, "I don't think about it as a responsibility, I just focus on enjoying the job that I am given, and I think the bowling attack is well distributed among our bowling unit. We have a very good bowling unit, with varieties in the bowling lineup. We've got good spinners and good fast bowlers so as a unit we can create pressure and get the job done. So I Don' t think that I have some extra responsibility, it's every one's responsibility and they are very well doing there bits. Its always a good place where you have so many bowlers, you can learn from each other and keep on growing."

Bumrah is being coached by legendary Kiwi fast bowler Shane Bond. Like Bumrah, Bond too had a terrific yorker in arsenal. So when asked if the yorker has become a less preferred option over the other variations in recent times, Bond said, "I think the game just develops with the batsman developing as they score, like wise as bowler you need to keep working on your skills as the batsman faces for longer, they work the pattern in the way you bowl, understand your variations, so you've got to find new ways to challenge the batsman and create some doubts.
that the beauty about t20 cricket, people try to innvovate and find new ways to get around situations, the core skills remain the same."

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