Chrome for Android may offer ☝ a long-press gesture to access your browsing history 💻

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Google Chrome has a lot of hidden features, and now it's looking like Google is preparing to bring a desktop trick to Android devices with a quick gesture for accessing browsing history.

First spotted by XDA-Developers, a mention in the Chromium Gerrit mentions that a new long-press gesture is being added to Chrome for Android which allows you to view your recent browsing history.

It's unclear what the menu would look like, but if the desktop version of Chrome is any indication, it'll just show as a menu that pops up over the top of Chrome's UI.

More than likely, it would also arrive only showing the last few pages you've visited, rather than a full list of your browsing history.

The feature will eventually arrive as a flag, probably debuting first in the Canary channel of Chrome for Android before eventually making a debut in the standard version.

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