Dozens sue 😠 Canadian fertility doctor for 'using wrong sperm'❗

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A Canadian fertility doctor is being sued by dozens of people who claim he used his own or unknown sperm to impregnate their mothers.

Lawyers Peter Cronyn and Frances Shapiro Munn say they have found 11 people whose parents went to Dr Barwin for fertility treatment who are allegedly his biological children, according to DNA tests.

They have also found 16 other people who were supposed to be conceived using their father's sperm where DNA tests reveal they are not a biological match to their father.

There are also 35 people who were supposed to be conceived using anonymous donor sperm who may not be a biological match with the intended donor, the lawyers claim.

News about the allegations came to light last November, when Daniel and Davina Dixon and their daughter Rebecca filed a civil lawsuit against Dr Barwin with Nelligan, O'Brien and Payne in an Ontario court.

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