👨‍🏫Lecturers ✊Strike Continues, UASU Officials Say After Filing Appeal

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Lecturers have maintained they will continue with their strike having filed an appeal seeking to quash orders requiring them to resume class on Monday. UASU secretary general Constantine Wasonga, in a statement on Saturday, said their appeal will be heard on April 9. On Friday, Justice Onesmus Makau ordered the lecturers to call off the strike and report back to work on grounds the industrial action is not protected.

The Labour Relations court declined to grant the stay orders sought by the union. Wasonga said lecturers have to safeguard their negotiating position by continuing to participate in the strike which began on March 1. "The strike, therefore, continues pending the decision of the court. Our fight for the 2017-2021 CBA and dignity of dons continues," he said.

He further condemned Maasai University for holding lecturers' March salary and also took a swipe at the police for dispersing them with teargas during their demos in Nairobi. UASU says withholding the salaries will not deter the dons’ resolve to push for the negotiation of the 2017-21 CBA. The strike entered its 38th day today.

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