Proposal to carve Western North Region gets support

  |   Ghana News

The chiefs and the people of the northern part of the Western Region have unanimously endorsed the proposal to carve a Western North Region from the present Western Region.

Making individual submissions at a forum organised by the Commission of Enquiry for the Creation of New Regions in Accra last Thursday, the chiefs and the people, led by their Spokesperson, Lt Col Anthony Aduhene (retd), pointed out the lack of development in that part of the Western Region and the neglect by successive governments and said per the various fora organised by the commission and the submissions made, there was no doubt that there must be a Western North Region.

Lt Col. Aduhene cited the lack of infrastructure and abundant resources such as cocoa, bauxite and gold in the area and said the western north area alone produced about 40 per cent of the country’s cocoa.

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