Rahul Gandhi calls Amit Shah’s animal remarks ‘disrespectful’, says don’t take BJP chief seriously

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday slammed Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah for his remarks equating the opposition parties to ‘snakes’, ‘mongoose’, ‘dogs’ and ‘cats’. Gandhi called the animal remark by Shah a “disrespectful statement”.

“Calling the entire opposition animals…see according to Amit Shah and the basic vision of the BJP-RSS – there are only two non-animals in this country. There is Mr Narendra Modi and there is Mr Amit Shah,” Gandhi told reporters at Kolar Gold Fields in Karnataka. He further said, “Everybody else as far as they are concerned are animals. That’s fine, that is the way they look at the world. It is a disrespectful statement, but we don’t take what Mr Amit Shah says with too much seriousness.”

Taking a swipe at Shah, Gandhi said it was the mentality that there were only two or three people in this country “who are worth anything, who understand everything and everybody else is a worthless person”. “It’s not only Dalits, it’s tribals, it’s minorities. It doesn’t stop there. It’s Mr Advani, Mr Manohar Joshi, even Mr Gadkari, it’s everybody,” he said.

The Congress chief said, “The thing is that the BJP people internally don’t have guts to say it to you. They say it to us.” “The fact of the matter is between Mr Amit Shah and Mr Modi, they are convinced, there are only two human beings in this country. That’s all, that’s the reality,” he said.

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