Rugby Australia🇦🇺 has Not Spoken🤐 to Folau About 📲Homophobic Post

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Rugby Australia has not spoken to Israel Folau since he posted an inflammatory comment on Instagram saying gay people were destined to go to ‘HELL’, or instructed their star player to retract his remark as it emerged the Wallabies fullback’s comment had not been taken down.

Folau sparked controversy earlier this week by replying to a question from an Instagram user about what God’s plan is for gay people.

His response - “HELL… Unless they repent of their sins and turn to God” - triggered a major backlash and public debate about whether he is entitled to publicly express his views on the grounds of religious freedom.

Contrary to media reports, as of Saturday, some four days after writing what he did, Folau had not removed the comment from his Instagram account, of which he has 338,000 followers.

Fairfax Media understands no one from Rugby Australia has spoken to Folau since the story broke on Wednesday afternoon.

There has been contact with his manager but in terms of speaking to the 29-year-old directly, it is understood that has not happened.

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