Russian🇷🇺 GP Joins Push🤛 for F1 Grid Girl👩 Return

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Several races are seeking a compromise that could see girls return to the grid in some capacity, possibly while the grid kids – an innovation for this year – continue to hold the driver sign boards.

Pressure from race sponsors is one obvious reason why some promoters are keen to see a change to F1’s plans, especially those with airline backers who traditionally use full-time cabin crew in their normal uniforms for the grid ceremony.

Automobile Club de Monaco boss Michel Boeri insisted this week that girls, traditionally sponsored by TAG, would still be on the grid for this year’s race.

Monaco is a special case in that it has more control over what happens on the grid, but other races have also been lobbying Liberty.

The Singapore GP organisers are also pushing to allow the country’s national airline staff – who are regarded as ambassadors for the race – to continue to participate.

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