Scientists Have Discovered An 'Invisible' Star

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Beyond the milky way for the first time saw the dark neutron star is Invisible in the visible rays of light neutron star with a weak magnetic field and a ring of cold gas was discovered by astronomers at the European Southern Observatory (EOS). This writes the with reference to Stranaya. The object is located near the Small Magellanic Cloud, making it the first such astrophysical body, found outside the milky way.

Scientists estimate that the age of the object SNR 1E 0102.2-7219 (E0102) is two thousand years old. It is a remnant of a supernova, which form a complex resembling a bubble structure. The data obtained Very Large Telescope and the Orbiter Chandra X-ray Observatory, showed that inside the bubble is a toroidal region of cold gas, slowly receding from the compact object in the center of E0102.

Astronomers have proved that the object was part of the supernova remnants and was a small neutron star, which is about half that of a conventional neutron star, whose diameter is usually 20 kilometres. This variety of astrophysical bodies emits weak x-ray radiation and is not visible in visible light. The mechanism of the formation of a cold cloud of gas is unknown, but scientists believe that it has something to do with absorption of the compact object from the companion star.

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