Sidharth Malhotra🔉: I Am an Average-Looking Guy🤷🏻‍♂

  |   Bollywood

Vanity is a tricky thing, especially in showbiz. With girls thronging him wherever he goes, Sidharth Malhotra must have a tough time stepping out. But when he steps in front of the camera, how does Sid go beyond his dashing looks? Well, he doesn't worry about that, as he doesn't think he's got a pretty face!

Says Sid, "I think people love to see good faces on screen. I don't consider myself as more than an average-looking guy. I don't believe there is something exceptional in the way I look."

However, he does back in his stardom and the excitement that comes with his celeb status. "I lived a regular lifestyle 25 years running as much as I can. We work all our life to get this fame which we should enjoy. I am very much enjoying all the perks that I get as a celebrity," he says.

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