SRK 😎, Aamir 🤓 & Katrina 😻 Scared to React on Salman's 'Jail or Bail' Situation ❓

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In India, fans treat their favourite stars as Gods and undoubtedly Salman Khan is one of those privileged stars! Currently, Salman is not going through a smooth phase of his life as he is convicted in the blackbuck poaching case and his fans are losing their cool on the Twitter over the same. Salman, who's quite popular for his charity work is also touted as the most 'helpful' star of the B-town. But now, when Salman's facing tough time, his fans are bashing Salman's co-workers, especially Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif. Fans want to know why the trio is not reacting over Salman Khan's 'bail or jail' situation. On the contrary, fans of SRK, Aamir & Katrina feel that the trio doesn't wanna take the risk of supporting Salman as they might face the backlash as well.

Twitter is inundated with the supportive tweets for Salman Khan, but Shahrukh Khan rather chose to talk about his team KKR on Twitter and re-tweeted a fan-made music video for KKR anthem and wrote, "Bahut acchha hai. Humare anthem se better hai cos KKR is your team & u make it what it is. Love u and thanks."

Aamir also took to micro-blogging site and thanked Klaus Teber, who apparently sent a personalized gift 'Catan' game board to the Superstar. However, amid all the hue & cry, Aamir also chose to stay tight-lipped about Salman Khan's conviction.

A few days ago, Katrina Kaif & Salman Khan's camaraderie during the press conference became the talk of the town but the ex-girlfriend turned friend of Salman Khan also chose to stay mum on the controversy, revolving around Salman's life.

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