SRK 😎 Expresses Grief 😔 Over the Unfortunate Incidents in Salman's life 📹:

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Salman Khan / Bollywood

In an old interview that has now resurfaced, King Khan can be seen expressing his grief over the heavy price that Salman has to pay, owing to his stardom. He says, "To a great extent I feel that there are a lot of advantages of being a movie star and being famous and at the same time there are a few negative things too. And I think one of the negatives of being a celebrity is that you get judged even before your crime is proven or proved. This has happened time and again with Salman. I think by virtue of the impression that stardom is giving to people, they think that they can say anything about the stars and it'll be alright. That I think, is wrong. I think, I'm nobody and I'm genuinely not somebody who can comment on what the law is. We all respect it (the law), but somewhere, at a personal level, one feels and wishes all this did not happen to Salman."


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