Triumph🏍 Rethinking🤔 Its India Sales💸 Strategy

Triumph Motorcycles is rethinking its sales strategy in India. The company might opt to go for completely-built-up (CBU) units rather than assembling its bikes at their Haryana plant.

The company was forced to rethink its strategy after the government increased the custom duties of CKD vehicles from 10 per cent …

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2018🙌 Honda PCX125 Scooter🛵 Unveiled✨

Honda has unveiled the 2018 version of the PCX125 maxi-scooter.

Visually, the major changes include the scooter’s LED headlights, LED tail light and turn lights which are now thinner, lending the scooter a razor-sharp look. The airbox inlet and engine cover are now integrated into a single unit. Honda …

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