Toxic plant theory throws doubt on killer asteroid

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Professor Gordon Gallup of Albany University and former student Michael J. Frederick, presented the toxic plant theory in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Ideas in Ecology and Evolution. The evolutionary psychologist asserted the dinosaurs’ innate ability to discern certain tastes may have contributed to their downfall, during a widespread emergence of toxic plants.

The study reads: “Although there is considerable empirical support for the asteroid impact hypothesis, the evidence is also consistent with the possibility that dinosaurs went extinct partly as a consequence of a specific behavioural deficit: an inability to form learned food aversions. We think this perspective can generate novel predictions that could be tested with existing fossilised evidence.”

The study suggests these prehistoric plants adopted extreme toxicity as a defence mechanism against the predatory dinosaurs that ate them. Unfortunately for the monstrous beasts, the dinosaurs may lacked the “learned taste version” evident in rats today, which led to predators falling sick of gastrointestinal distress.

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