Waiguru 👎Heckled During DP Ruto's👔 Kirinyaga Tour, Fights Back👊

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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has condemned youths who heckled her when she accompanied DP William Ruto on a tour on Friday. The governor was heckled by boda boda riders at Gakoigo during the DP's visit to the county. The youths, who appeared drunk, shouted down Waiguru when Ruto called her out to address the crowd.

"Waiguru must go! Waiguru must go!" the boda boda riders, who the governor suspects were hired by woman representative Purity Ngirici, shouted. At one point, she was whisked away into Ruto's vehicle as the youths charged. A very unfortunate incident was witnessed in Kerugoya where a few goons hired by Purity Ngirici and Andrew Ngirici made attempts to disrupt the meeting," she said. In a statement on Saturday, Waiguru said the woman MP's acts are "an archaic style of politics that prides itself on ensuring the people remain in an impoverished state."

Waiguru said such politicians want to ensure that the people remain poor to allow them wholly depend on handouts from them. The governor said she will not be distracted in her drive to initiate development in Kirinyaga by premature contest over 2022 governor elections.

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