BTS Falls Victim To Ellen’s Scare 👀 Prank — 📹

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Ellen DeGeneres is the queen of scare pranks, and she got BTS good when they appeared on her show May 25. The guys of BTS stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an interview, which airs May 25, and they officially fell victim to an Ellen DeGeneres scare prank!

As Ellen was closing down the interview with the guys, they were completely caught off guard when a man dressed as a BTS superfan popped out of a box next to the couch they were sitting on.

She asked if any of them have girlfriends, but rather than answering the question, they just laughed about how she taught them the word "hookup" last time they were on the show."

It wasn't all talk, though - the guys also took the stage to perform TWO songs from their latest album, Love Yourself: Tear.

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