ICC Bars✋ Pakistan🇵🇰 Players from Wearing Apple😳 Watches⌚

Hasan Ali has confirmed the ICC's anti-corruption officers have told Pakistan's players that they will not be allowed to wear their smartwatches on the field after a couple were seen wearing them on day one of the first Test at Lord's.

There is no accusation of wrong-doing, but Apple watches are able to send and receive information, which mean they fall into a grey area within the ICC's playing regulations. Those regulations do state that the technology to send and receive information must be disabled, though the watches themselves are not strictly prohibited: "Communication devices are prohibited within the PMOA [player and match official area], barring specific exceptions. Without exception, no player shall be in possession of, or use a communication device (such as a mobile phone or a device which is connected to the internet), while in the PMOA."

Players and officials must give their phones to anti-corruption officials at the start of each day to be locked away. They are then returned at the end of play.

"The ACSU officer came to speak to us and told us it's not allowed to wear them so we won't be wearing them," Hasan Ali said after the day's play." The ICC do have the power to confiscate these devices and analyse what activity, if any, there has been.

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