SA Park Owner Weeps 😢 for Poisoned Lions 🦁 - 📹

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The owner of a private game park in South Africa wept in a video posted on Facebook as he discovered that his three lions and a tiger were poisoned overnight. It is believed the big cats at Lugomaro Predator Park in northern Limpopo province were fed liver laced with the poison aldicarb, a pesticide more commonly known as "Two-Step" in South Africa, the News24 website reports.

Park owner Justin Fernandes said it was the worst nightmare of his life, and he was alerted to trouble when a wolf started barking in the early hours of the morning.

Two of the big cats were still alive and throwing up, but Mr Fernandes said he couldn't get a vet in time to save them.

According to News24, which has uploaded the Mr Fernandes' Facebook video, the cats had all been bottle-raised by the Fernandes family since birth. It is not clear why the cats were targeted, but poachers sometimes sell animal body parts for use in traditional rituals.

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