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Google 'Stole My Video' 📹, Says Film-maker Philip Bloom❗

Google has enraged a leading film-maker by using his footage in a corporate video that later leaked online.

The technology company used material from more than half a dozen of Philip Bloom's films to make a provocative presentation about ways it could exploit users' data in the future.

Mr Bloom …

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Apple 🍎, VW sign driverless car 🚗 deal for Apple campus shuttles

Apple entered into a partnership with Volkswagen Group to pair a number of electric T6 Transporter vans with Apple's proprietary autonomous vehicle software.

According to sources-"five people familiar with the negotiations who asked not to be identified because they weren't authorized to discuss the matter publicly"-BMW and Mercedes-Benz …

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Pluto Could Be Made Out of Millions of Comets

By examining its chemical composition, researchers have concluded that Pluto might be made up of comets. According to the currently accepted model, planets are formed by the gradual accretion of smaller objects - and Pluto, situated right next to the Kuiper Belt asteroid field, has long been thought to have formed …

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Giant canyons discovered in Antarctica

Scientists have discovered three vast canyons in one of the last places to be explored on Earth - under the ice at the South Pole. The deep troughs run for hundreds of kilometres, cutting through tall mountains - none of which are visible at the snowy surface of the continent. Dr Kate …

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