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West 😤Ignores 🗳Electoral Fraud in 🌍Africa for Selfish Gain🔊: Besigye

Ugandan Opposition leader Kizza Besigye yesterday chastised the international community for ignoring electoral fraud in Africa out of selfish interest. He said the West supports the status quo for the sake of stability but, in the process, facilitates gross transgressions against democracy. Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga said the West …

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☔Weatherman🔊: Brace for ❄Cold & Dry Spell

Most parts of the country continue to experience dry conditions during this usually cold June-July-August season. According to Kenya Meteorological Department, in the last one week, the central highlands including Nairobi areas also experienced cool cloudy conditions with occasional light rains. KMD Director, Stella Aura says that during last week …

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Laikipia Woman Rep Is Proud of Her ❤❤❤Polygamous 💍Marriage

Two woman MPs have defended their Laikipia counterpart Catherine Waruguru who was kicked out of a Kericho hotel with her husband for not having a marriage certificate. They are Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni wa Muchomba and Kandara MP Alice Wahome. Waruguru said she is in a polygamous marriage.

“I am …

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