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Ryanair Flights ✈ Cancelled Over Strike ✊🏼 Action

Ryanair has confirmed that 24 flights between Ireland and the UK will be cancelled on Friday 20 July due to strike action by pilots.

A quarter of Ryanair's Irish-based pilots are taking industrial action over conditions.

Ryanair said that passengers on the flights have already been notified by text or …

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India's 🇮🇳 Top Court Demands 💪 New Law to Stop Lynching❗

India's highest court has asked the government to enact a new law to deal with an increase in mob violence and lynchings that have reportedly killed more than two dozen of people in the country this year.

The Supreme Court in the capital, New Delhi, on Tuesday, recommended that Parliament …

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Goldman Sachs names David Solomon as next CEO

A veteran banker who also DJs under the stage name DJ D-Sol has been named as the next chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs. David Solomon, 56, will take over from current boss Lloyd Blankfein on 1 October. Blankfein steered the bank into and out of the aftermath of the …

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ECHR condemns Pussy Riot and Anna Politkovskaya cases

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has condemned Russia for its handling of two high-profile cases. It said Russia had violated five articles of the human rights convention in its arrest and conviction of Pussy Riot members in 2012. Three women from the activist group were arrested after performing …

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Israel suspends fuel deliveries to Gaza over arson attacks

Israel has tightened restrictions on its only cargo crossing with the Gaza Strip, after Palestinians carried out fresh attacks with incendiary balloons. No fuel will enter through Kerem Shalom until Sunday, but food and medicine deliveries will still be permitted. Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said it was responding to …

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EU signs its biggest free trade deal with Japan

The European Union and Japan have signed one of the world's biggest free trade deals, covering nearly a third of the world's GDP and 600 million people. One of the biggest EU exports to Japan is dairy goods, while cars are one of Japan's biggest exports.

The move contrasts sharply …

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Hong Kong moves to impose unprecedented ban on separatist party

Hong Kong is taking unprecedented steps to ban a pro-independence party, in the government’s strongest action yet against the movement pushing for separation from China. Police on Tuesday delivered documents to the Hong Kong National party founder, Andy Chan Ho-tin, detailing their recommendations to the city’s secretary of …

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Nuns do not need to be virgins Vatican announces

THE Vatican has stunned followers by suggesting that “Brides of Christ” do not have to be virgins to be “married to God.” Published earlier this year, Catholic document Ecclesiae Sponsae Imago states that physical virginity is not an “essential prerequisite” to consecration. In the Catholic Church, to live a “consecrated …

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Kim Jong-un blasts delays in North Korean economic projects

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has launched an unusual barrage of criticism at officials over delays in completing economic projects. The country's leaders usually praise officials during factory visits. But this time state media said he was "speechless" a power plant was only 70% complete and "appalled" by hot-spring bathtubs …

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Trump sides with Russia against FBI at Helsinki summit

There has been a barrage of criticism in the US after President Donald Trump defended Russia over claims of interference in the 2016 elections. At a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland, Mr Trump contradicted US intelligence agencies, saying Russia had no reason to meddle. The top Republican …

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