Alex Jones Slammed 😠 with 30-Day Ban ✋ from Facebook for Hateful Videos 📹

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Facebook took action against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones late Thursday when it banned the InfoWars host from using his account for the next 30 days. According to a report, Facebook banned Jones after it determined four videos on his pages violated its community standards.

Those four videos have since been removed from Jones' channels. It's unclear exactly which videos they were, but it's likely at least some were the same videos that YouTube removed from its site just days ago. One of those videos, titled "How to Prevent Liberalism," which showed a young boy being pushed to the ground by an adult male, is no longer hosted on InfoWars' Facebook page.

However, Jones' recent video in which he attacks Special Counsel Robert Mueller and mimes shooting him remains up on Facebook. The company still claims that the video doesn't violate its community standards.

The ban affects Jones personally, meaning he cannot post to his various pages for the next 30 days. However, his colleagues who are Facebook admins for the Alex Jones Channel's and InfoWars' pages can continue to post content. Jones received a ban because his personal account already received a warning in the past.

According to CNET's report, a Facebook spokesperson said that Jones' page "faces a permanent ban from the site" if he and his other admins continue to break Facebook's rules.

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