"Annoyed"😠 Alonso Says F1 Singles Out His Radio🎧 Messages

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Fernando Alonso says he doesn't understand what Formula 1's "problem" is, after saying he is annoyed that once again his animated radio conversations have got singled out.

The Spaniard's intense conversation with his team about which tyre to pick for the final minutes of Q2 in Hungary were picked out on the international television feed, as he expressed frustration about a tyre call.

But Alonso said he was far from happy that FOM had again picked out what he felt was a conversation that every driver would be having with their team.

"The FOM is quite annoying already with my radio," said the McLaren driver, who ended up qualifying 11th.

"I don't know what problem they have to put my radio always, and I don't know what was not normal about the conversation when the track is getting worse.

"You cannot improve any more the times, you chat about which tyres to put and if it's worth doing another run or not. It's their favourite hobby, so good luck to them."

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