Israeli 🇮🇱 Arab MP Resigns 📝 Over Controversial 'Nation State' Law

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An Israeli Arab politician has resigned in opposition to a controversial new law which declares Israel to be the nation state of the Jewish people.

Zouheir Bahloul, 67, branded parliament "racist" and "destructive" for passing the law, which also revokes the status of Arabic as an official language.

"[The law] removes the Arab population from the path of equality in Israel," he told Israeli TV network Reshet.

"A hundred and twenty-two years after [the founder of modern Zionism Theodore] Herzl made his vision known, with this law we determined the founding principle of our existence," he said.

It was created because some Israeli Jewish politicians consider the founding principles of Israel's creation, as a state for Jews in their ancient homeland, to be under threat.

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